What We Do

InPerspective Consulting offer a wide range of consultancy services including the following:

   Cyborg Consultancy

   Earnie IQ Consultancy

   Payroll Consultancy

   Oracle Database Admin

   SQL Server DB Admin

   Cognos Impromptu

   Crystal Reports

   Project Management

   Access Databases

Contact Details

InPerspective Consulting Limited
PO Box 563
Kent ME1 9DH

Tel:0870 762 0683

  About the Company

InPerspective Consulting, formed in July 2002, is a network of independent, home based consultants whose expertise and knowledge are centred primarily in the IT, Payroll and HR arena.

Our aim is to add value
to our customers businesses by working in partnership with them to understand their business, define their goals and to develop viable and long term solutions which ultimately generate success.


Our consultants have up to 25 years of practical experience and knowledge to call upon whilst delivering services to our clients. This has been gained at both end user and service provider level therefore allowing us to understand issues from both sides thus enabling us to provide objective and pragmatic solutions. 

  Consultancy Rates

Our ethos on minimising overheads allows us to provide our customers with competitive solutions at competitive costs. We do this by utilising a home based workforce and are therefore able to pass on the benefits to our customers by offering highly competetive and attractive consultancy rates.